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Single details: Kakegae no nai mono
March 7, 2018

ZARD’s first remix album produced by Cool City Production was quickly sold-out, after it was put on sale in the concert halls where ZARD was holding the live concerts. A lot of people were disappointed because of this of course. But after many requests by fans, CCP has decided to repress the remix album. Not without changing the album a bit though, in order to make the album worthwhile to get even for people who bought the remix album already probably. This so called “Second Edit” of the album has a complete different track list order, with the songs being made non-stop following each other now. Also, this album will have one track less compared to the original: both the remixes of “Good-bye My Loneliness” and “Yureru Omoi” are out now, while the Perry Geyer remix of “Get U’re Dream” is in. Finally, each of the three remixes of “Makenaide”, “Don’t U See!” and “Can’t take my eyes off of you” are different from the “First Edit” album.

01. Get U’re Dream (hifloor breakin’ mix)
02. Kazega Toori Nukeru Machi e (White silver wind mix)
03. Aiga Mienai (M-oZ club mix edit)
04. Kono Aini Oyogi Tsukaretemo (night clubbers mix)
05. Eien (Till the end of time mix)
06. My Friend (HBK dp delight mix)
07. Makenaide (Flute solo mix)
08. Don’t U see! (D.F.P Zar-dub)
09. Can’t take my eyes off of you (readymade wizard mix rare edit)
10. Get U’re Dream (Perry Geyer Mix)
11. Tomatte ita Tokei ga Ima Ugokidashita (new time mix)
12. Shoujono Korono Modotta Mitaini (da-ja mix)
Price: 3,000¥ Pre-sale date starting from: 30 April, in Osaka Festival Hall